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Newly Renovated 24-Hour Fitness Center!

July 29, 2015 11:50 pm

If you haven't come to see our renovated 24-hour Fitness Center yet, CHECK IT OUT! We are thrilled with all of the new equipment on the lower level as well as our Interactive Yoga Studio upstairs! Click HERE for a couple tips and tricks to make working out a habit.

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How Pinterest Can Help You Eat Gluten-Free

July 29, 2015 4:04 pm

Many people are committing to gluten-free diets because of the slew of health benefits, digestive improvements, and overall feeling of well-being associated with cutting out the wheat and grains that contain gluten. Although this type of diet may seem stifling at first, there are a number of ways to adapt your favorite recipes to cut out gluten. Here are three Pinterest boards that make it a bit easier to avoid gluten.

Gluten Free Recipes
If you frequently cook at home, this Pinterest board is filled with easy, delicious recipes that are specifically created for gluten-free diets. From pancakes made with alternative ingredients to zucchini pasta that tastes just as delicious as the original, this board contains dishes for every meal of the day. You’ll also find desserts, kid-friendly recipes, and gluten-free recipes for the inexperienced chef.

Gluten Free Desserts
If you have a pesky sweet tooth, adapting to a gluten-free diet can be even more of a struggle than it is for most people. Cutting out gluten doesn’t mean that you have to cut out desserts, however, provided that you make things that don’t contain wheat or grains with gluten in them. The Gluten-Free Desserts Pinterest board is full of mouth-watering, decadent cookies, cakes, and pies that fit right into your new diet.

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Need a New TV Show to Binge Watch?

July 27, 2015 2:00 pm

Is anybody in need of a new TV show to binge watch on Netflix or Hulu? Us ladies in the office are huge fans of Orange is the New Black as well as Sense 8! What's your favorite show to watch on Netflix and/or Hulu? We would love to get your feedback!

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